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Breakfast Oreo Biscuits

Breakfast Oreo Biscuits anyone?? So I’m still refining this recipe and I can’t share the exact quantities. Basically, you’re looking for a think mixture. If it’s too runny the biscuits will all merge into one on the baking tray and be hard to bake.

But to make these you’ll need.

Biscuit: Oats of choice (I used instant) Banana’s Egg whites Almond flour (or more oats) Vanilla essence Protein powder I used MusclePharm Nuts n more chocolate spread Sweetener of choice (I used sugar-free maple syrup)

Filling: Lite Greek yogurt (and/or lite cream cheese) Vanilla protein Vanilla essence Powdered sweetener (optional)

Directions: Mix biscuit ingredients together in a food processor. Remember you want a thick mixture. Bake for 15min at 160 Celcius. Let the biscuits cool before adding the filling.

Filling: Mix ingredients together and chill for 30min. After the filling is firm, spread on the biscuit and enjoy!

Notes: *These aren’t sweet biscuits unless you add the optional sweetener. *I’ll refine this recipe and share again later

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