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Oven Baked Mud Cake

This cake recipe is actually exactly the same as my other Microwaved mudcake one The difference is the cooking method results in a different cake.

The texture is a lot more like a traditional cake and taste is different as well. I prefer this way but the cook time is a lot longer and it's easy to over bake.


- 1 & 1/2 scoops chocolate protein powder (Use your favorite)

- Pinch of baking powder (like what you could fit under a finger nail.)

- 1 tsp of cocoa (2 tsp if you like dark chocolate)

- 2 tbsp Queen maple syrup or alternative sweetener

- 3 or 4 tbsp water or almond milk


Mix ingredients together well in a mug. Mixture should be thick but run slowly off the fork once mixed. Too much liquid will make the cake not cook right and you'll have to scoop parts out then cook the rest of the mixture.

Too little liquid will make the cake very dry. You can always add Almond milk after it's cooked if you find it too dry though.

It'll take some experimenting as different protein powders mix differently and cook differently. But if you stick to these you can't go too wrong:





(anything that when mixed with water is still relativity thick)

Bake for 20 min at 170C degrees (depending on your oven)

Test the mixture with a cake poker at 15 min. then every 4-5 min after that as it will cook quickly all of a sudden. Cake poker should come away with a little mixture on it but not runny.

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